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The *tea* on Lace Closures and Frontals

You ever see a celebrity rocking the nicest colored hairstyle one day and a completely different one the next and say to yourself...How in the hell are they able to do that?

Well, 9/10 times they are probably wearing a wig or using a closure or frontal to camouflage their entire look. NO ONE on this earth wants to intentionally damage their natural hair no matter how often WE (the public) get to see it.

Closures and Frontals are really the new wave. TBH...they have been the wave for a few years now but are now trending everywhere.

Before we go into WHY it's beneficial to use them..we're going to tell you the difference between a closure and a frontal.

So, a closure is usually 4"x4" in length and width but they also come in larger sizes (ex: 5"x5", 6"x6"..etc). Closures require little to no maintenance and can be sewn down on the sides so that it lays flatly on your head.

Lace frontals give you ear-to-ear coverage (standard frontals are 13" across x 4" back) that allows for more parting options and scalp "realness". Frontals are more "high maintenance" because glues and gels are used to lay it flat just below your hairline.

Either way you slice it, protecting our hair should always be the main goal! Be sure to check out our lace closure and frontal selection today, there's something for everyone!

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